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LED industry into the "golden development period"

Nanfang Daily News (Xinhua / Hui-Jun Li correspondent / Ye Jiao Yang Chui Mei) LED light source industry, a new development in the South China Sea, leaping out of step. Yesterday morning, a new light industry base in Guangdong Province, an official opening in Nanhai Luo village, including Solid State Lighting Industry Alliance R & D and southern sub-center (hereinafter referred to as the Union) unveiled, light industry base in Guangdong Province, the new financial services center was established, the South China (International) and the electric light source lighting the city opened a new light industry base in Guangdong Province, 10 million square meters Industrial formal cap carrier.

This means that the South China Sea will become the extension of equipment from the upstream chip, chip research, to the downstream packaging, modules, lighting, lighting, semiconductor lighting project area the whole industry chain.

"I can not say that I am head of the richest, but the support of new light industries will be the mayor of one of the most willing to spend money." Nanhai District Chief District Bangmin position at the ceremony site will be the development platform in the industry, corporate finance, taxation, give strong support.

Will be entered into LED upstream firm

Dan Road into the rout from the GUI, you can see all the way from a "flying saucer" shape of the lamp, which the root diameter of 12 meters, 42 meters high and the "King of Light", officially became a rout from the start yesterday, the new "landmark" .

Inauguration of the Union yesterday, is located in the southern sub-center of the landmark belongs to the southern city of electric light source lighting the third floor. As the industry's most cohesive and influential body, currently has 181 member alliance, while the southern sub-centers in Beijing, setting the league only a sub-center.

According to reports, after the inauguration of South China sub-centers, and the South China Sea will be the lighting industry associations and other organizations to implement the sharing of resources, the focus in the industry, decision-making, resources, advocacy, planning, training and application of models and other aspects of innovation, and the trading platform, public testing platform and financing a comprehensive cooperation.

"The recent joint base we will start the outdoor demonstration projects, including roads and hospitals and other public facilities demonstration project." Solid State Lighting R & D and Industrial Union Deputy Secretary-General Nguyen said that through the construction of demonstration projects and semiconductor lighting museum and so on, cultivated the whole LED market.

In fact, the whole of Guangdong in the LED industry chain, packaging and application has been a leader in the country, but the upstream is relatively weak. In this regard, the military said Nguyen, the Alliance entered, will focus on developing leading enterprises, and enterprises within the region complementary advantages, mutual benefit, demonstration areas to build semiconductor lighting products and international procurement and trading platform for enterprises stationed in the upstream industry chain more South China Sea . It is reported, LED giant optical Xu Rui is the platform through alliances and eventually settled in the South China Sea.

Obviously, the Solid State Lighting R & D and Industrial Union of South China sub-centers set up in Nanhai Luo village, not only for the local semiconductor industry in Foshan South China Sea plays a leading role, and the whole of Guangdong province in southern China have a far-reaching significance. To a certain extent, the Union settled, will guide the new light industrial base of Guangdong Province in the planning and guidance work, from a high level national plan to guide the layout of the semiconductor.

Finance and Technology, the combination of industrial upgrading

The rapid development of industry can not do without financial support. Yesterday, light industry base in Guangdong Province, the new financial services center was formally established, the first presence of financial institutions, including China Everbright Bank, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Guangdong Development Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank.

"For many enterprises within the park is just in transition or in the development of such a situation, we introduce some targeted financial products." Foshan, China Everbright Bank Branch Office of Yuan Huang, general manager, said the park to better serve small and medium enterprises launched the "Alliance Bank Loan" cooperation model to support enterprises in the park, in this mode, the industrial base of companies to provide small loans with joint liability guarantee to increase trust and effective manner.

In the face of the park may be no more funding of technical enterprises, introduction of Guangdong Development Bank is focused on intellectual property rights, including trademarks and patents secured loans. It is reported that Guangdong Development Bank has introduced a management approach, set the approval of access, and the establishment of Science and Technology Branch, to butt the business.

In fact, economic analysis of the first half of this year at the South China Sea area, the South China Sea to throw the "era of energy saving in the post how to get" the proposition, and said that financial innovation and technological innovation, industrial upgrading will be the next combination phase points.

New light industrial base is currently the major investment into the development of some growth of a potential new source companies, they either come from the transformation of traditional industries, or with new technology to enter the industry, and these companies, quite a start there was a lack of capital, early stage financing difficulties. In a sense, light industry, to support the new process, it is financial innovation and technological innovation, industrial upgrading, the combination of a fresh example.

The output value of ten billion yuan in 2015

It is reported that Guangdong Province, the core area of the new light industrial base to start construction in June of this year, only 4 months later, yesterday, the first batch of 10 million square meters of industrial carrier to successfully cap. Expected in March 2011 about construction area over 230,000 square meters, construction area of 60,000 square meters R & D area and construction area of about 40,000 square meters living zone fully completed.

This reporter learned that a mature industry around the market to attract a large number of enterprises stationed in the park new light source, has been leading the successful introduction of low-power LED Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Sai Fuke nearly 20 well-known enterprises and research services.

"The core of the park in 2011 the output value will reach 10 billion yuan, more than 20 billion by 2012, new light source rout in 2015 will exceed 10 billion yuan output value of industry." For the new light industries, district offices rout Director Yang Jinggang confident. "In the past many people thought the rout was a village, and now we can loudly say that the rout is gradually becoming a city, a modern industrial town."

"Very successful rout of the industrial transformation, I have to praise the rout." Zone Bangmin stressed rout in the industry, enhance the city's transformation, as other Towns in the South China Sea established the benchmark, then, the South China Sea will continue for the new light source development of the industry to build a good platform. "I can not say that I am head of the richest, but it will be the head of one of the most willing to spend money." Zone Bangmin jokingly said, the South China Sea in the promotion of new light industries, "not bad money."

It is reported that the South China Sea has been officially introduced the "Nanhai District, support for green lighting industry approach to the implementation details," two billion yuan of funds within the region to support incentives for green lighting enterprise development, including the conditions of the enterprises eligible for 30% of the maximum available , up to 100 million in interest subsidies to qualified enterprises and the highest award a one-time 100 million and so on.

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