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Industrial development into the core of energy-saving lighting market ushered in the green light wind

2010 because of low-carbon economy, lighting lighting market ushered in the green light wind, "out of incandescent light," "Earth Hour" and resulted in saving the core of the entire industry. With home life museum and upgrade lighting decoration, lighting market ushered in the Chinese lighting Square lighting store set up, so that ushered in a professional purchasing Chen Cheng distribution center, the bulk of the lighting stores entering the market, lighting market ushered in a boom, hot situation.
Many of the current town and small lighting manufacturers because of their strength, many manufacturers generally engaged in export trade, wholesale city or the supply of domestic lighting products, but with the rapid development of the domestic economy, the growing prosperity of home decoration lighting, domestic lighting consumption upgrade, professional lighting stores, the formation of well-known lighting brands, as industrial development and market development needs, and the rise of the brand, marketing deserved to charge forward.

When we talk about marketing before lighting lighting, you can take a look at "step by step" and "beauty", we might have felt, whether obvious or watching entertainment TV shows, these three brands is almost no place to disappear, so they has become the industry's most successful brands. Whether music phone or electrical appliances, it seems all the more fierce market competition, and their television advertising, entertainment, news, activities, promotions, and so various models to improve brand awareness and sales performance, resulting in sales of their industry leading the way.

In contrast, lighting lighting industry seems to "catch phrase" type of brand rarely, NVC has done the film "Confucius" sponsor, Philips, Panasonic, and so it can be said is the situation the brand, but for most medium and small enterprise, how the rise of the brand, how to do marketing, these are the topics of concern to the lighting industry.

The so-called marketing course, to better sales, but sales then why not do a marketing. In addition to commercial film, television, entertainment programs embedded in the advertisement, through press conferences, exhibitions, holiday promotions, and the bombing of style propaganda network, the most important thing is ZTE market, product quality and greet customers, after-sales service, won the brand reputation , to maximize the brand, market scale, is the largest corporate marketing magic.

Lighting a future domestic consumption of the mainstream consumer, but to the overall, systematic lighting, a home, shop, commercial market trends, product quality driven brand to brand expansion of the market, and as living standards improve, the lighting industry will also Upgrade to the service. Industry people know that Lighting is daily home life, so after several years of development, incandescent seems to have been dominating the market, however, with technological development. Economic development, energy, health, highlights the concept of energy-saving lamps, LED gradually into the business, transportation, home field, but compared to other, lighting, lighting industry can be described as the inter-face, and lighting consumption increased, the overall market demand, the city, rural market can go hand in hand, to build brand monopoly driven service quality.

Colored wood industry enterprises, establishing long-term development goals, the development of shoulder heavy responsibilities, identify weak foundation for the development, strengthen the internal management of companies down to earth to do its job, the details from the details to go custom suite door to a young industry bigger and stronger.

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