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LED will be out hundreds of billions of procurement standards

LED industry in the absence of national standards, the industry fund would like to find their own specifications.

Recently, the Guangdong Green Industry Investment Fund and the South China University working together to build the "Guangdong LED Engineering Research Center" was established, the center will provide public lighting systems in Guangdong Province, to provide energy-saving LED technology research and development support at the same time, the green industry will invest in Guangdong Purchasing Alliance Fund for EMC standards.

In the September 8, "Green Industry Investment Fund of Guangdong contract energy management (EMC) Alliance Procurement implementation of standards" is also an expert review.

"This standard, once established, will become the league after the purchase EMC standards." In charge of the lighting standards of the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Zhongshan) Pengzhen Jian, deputy director told reporters that the standard high and low, will directly affect the MEC Alliance procurement of nearly 100 billion in the Guangdong market suppliers.

Look for LED Standard Industrial Fund

According to industry statistics, in 2010, China's LED production value will exceed 1,500 billion yuan sales, this data is twice that in 2008, and the rate of 30% per year to continue to grow. It is understood that only a province of Guangdong is expected to scale of the industry in 2012 will reach 120 billion yuan in 2015 will have exceeded 3,000 billion yuan. Industrial scale in 2015 will reach 500 billion yuan.

Rapid expansion in the LED industry, behind, set off a huge promoter of the government.

Guangdong Province, for a "green light model city" Special Action Office of the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology initiative, set up in late 2009 in Guangdong green energy industry fund to finance China's first combination of science and technology industrial investment fund. The fund was set up in Shenzhen in April this year, the EMC alliance to banks, insurance companies, energy equipment manufacturers, energy-saving material suppliers, engineering, installation, design companies, EMC, testing organizations, and allied law firms and other units to form a complete closed-loop, EMC models together to complete the nine required areas.

Green Industry Investment Fund of Guangdong Li Xuefeng chairman told reporters, fund the use of EMC model, organization 25 billion of funds (own 5.0 billion, China Everbright Bank, supporting 200 billion), public lighting systems in Guangdong continued investment in the formation of over a thousand billion industry gathering.

At the same time, the Fund plans to organize the next 3-5 years $ 10,000,000,000, according to Guangdong and other provinces on the domestic investment patterns, creating 1,000 billion in the procurement market, driving nearly 4,000 billion of upstream and downstream related industries, markets, projects are all investment is completed, annual savings in electricity up to 250 billion.

However, according to newspaper reporter, trapped in the present LED lamp technology, price and other bottlenecks, a number of pilot cities for the slow progress.

Guangdong, for example, the slow process of administrative examination and approval by the Government and other reasons, led to the current promotional efforts only made in Foshan intent progress.

Green Industry Investment Fund of Guangdong Deputy Secretary-General Lin Zhaojing EMC Union, said to reporters, LED lights to promote energy-saving process, due to the high price of a new type of LED energy-saving lamps, a huge one-time investment costs, it allows the selection of LED energy-saving lamps over very hesitant.

To solve development difficulties, Guangdong Investment Fund to take the green industry, "Finance and technology combined with the new model", big and solid EMC alliance.

Xuefeng said LED Engineering Research Center was established in Guangdong and the setting of the LED within the alliance procurement standards, intended to provide technology support within the alliance, while Guangdong Green Industry Investment Fund will also provide Union with high development potential investors to do business listing training and other financial support.

Standard dispute

Green Industry in Guangdong Investment Fund behind the development of industry standards, it is based on "quality is the fundamental guarantee for the success of EMC model" and lack of consideration of national industry standards.

"Guangdong green industry between investment funds and adopted a model city EMC model, but the internal suppliers and alliances, it is a purchasing relationship. Quality suppliers directly affect the future expected return on investment." Involved a The standard-setting experts told reporters that the meeting reviewed the standards for refinement and standard procurement standards, the threshold level of highly controversial.

According to the standard master draft press show that many details yet, but the framework of the text. In fact, in the afternoon of Sept. 8 will not start before the assessment, the debate has begun.

"Standard-setting level of the problem, not only need to consider return on investment, there is a very important factor is the LED industry is a rapidly developing industry, perhaps six months later, the high standards now become a low standard." A Participants experts told reporters that some companies worried about being blocked in Guangdong green threshold of industrial investment funds outside of the procurement, but also need to consider the LED industry, the rapid maturation and development of technology.

"EMC Alliance more than fifty domestic and international research institutions, researchers concluded in recent years, LED lighting applications, problems, refer to the relevant international standards, has developed a strong operational performance standards of procurement." Xuefeng told reporters.

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